Proctrix Reverse auctions provides an easy and flexible way for organizations to run a transparent reverse auction process. Companies can save 10-25% in costs by conducting reverse auctions on products which are have a water tight specification. Buyers need to be pre-qualified and trained in advance before starting a reverse auction process to achieve desired results.

Generate Cost Savings

Proctrix reverse auctions helps you save cost by finding the best price for your products and services in the shortest possible time.

Auction dashboard

Real time auction updates in your auction dashboard keeps your organization updated about the event in real time, thus leading to a more efficient auction process

Save negotiation time

Products which are standardised to some degree can easily be auctioned to pre-selected vendors thus saving time consuming negotiation process.

Highly customizable auction settings

Proctrix auctions provides you with all possible auction settings so that you can run your auction the way you want. Options like pre-bid, line item ranking, event level ranking are all present to make the auction process as flexible as possible.