Contract Management

Growing organizations can have a number of contracts that are either created or renewed on a regular basis. Proctrix Contract Management module helps your team renew contracts, manage contractual milestones and seek relevant stakeholder feedback in a timely manner. Proctrix keeps a seamless link between the RFX process that created the contract and the final contract itself, thus helping your team have complete visibility over the sourcing and contract generation process.

Contract Document management

Centralise your contract documents with access to relevant team members. Timely automated reminders on key contractual clauses like bank guarantees, expiry dates etc mitigates risks for your organization.

Stakeholder visibility on key contracts

Keep all internal stakeholders of various teams in the loop on contract documents, contract conditions and expiry dates. Internal messaging tools helps you communicate easily about renewals or relevant feedback.

Automated reminders

All contracts can be assigned a team member as a lead and automated reminders can be assigned to team members to be updated by the system about key contractual milestones.

Collaborate across business functions

Internal chat tool helps you communciate and seek inputs from key functions within your organization like finance, legal etc and incorporate feedback. Any communication is sent through an email update to keep all stakeholders in the loop.