Vendor Management

Proctrix Vendor Management helps your sourcing team make smarter decisions prior to the sourcing process by providing vendor information in real time. Empower your buyers with updated vendor information so that they can make good decisions and avoid risks for your company. Vendor on boarding, performance monitoring and phase-out can all be done from a single place, thus ensuring compliance across your entire supply chain.

Improved Supplier Review Management

Conduct year-round supplier performance reviews as suppliers work on projects and complete them. Enable visibility of reviews from peers across your team to provide real-time data for decision making.

Advanced Supplier Tagging

Tag suppliers to classify diverse vendors into various categories. Tagging enables easy retrieval of vendors for your one-click RFX invitation process.

Event Participation History

Get real-time participation history of each supplier and associated analytics. This provides your team with additional insight and context during future RFX events.

Grow and Diversify your Supplier Base

The first step towards a stronger and diversified vendor base is a vendor management system with the ability to store historical data, review and tag vendors. This valuable vendor data can be used to cull weak vendors and add stronger vendors in their place.